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lundi 17 mars 2014

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Wonderful application to solve your operations computational evidence and proof

The existence of a calculator in your pocket provides an excellent opportunity for you to forget all those rules of the terrible beatings and combine long, and operations with fractions, and so on (especially if you hate math hah).
But now can solve this problem with this application, which not only gives you a ready-made answer, but also with steps to the solution. This calculator can be useful for both students and lovers of mathematics

DLD Calc is an application for Android devices, which aims to solve the examples on the calculations of various sports. Almizah essential in this application that offers you the proof and complete solution for your calculation.
At first glance, DLD Calc may seem normal calculator. But with that, you can perform all the basic arithmetic operations, including the use of parentheses. For example, with fractures, after clicking on the equals sign, will open a new page, which contains all the details of the process (and this will not know its value, but students hah).

This calculator to help students and their parents to learn the processes and solutions to ensure the validity of the method used in the solution of these operations. The program is free and available for Android 2.3 and above.

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