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dimanche 16 mars 2014

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The first mobile phone before 30 years ago with $ 4,000!

After a few days the world will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the first mobile phone in the history of the American production company (Motorola), where exactly was done on March 30 of the year 1984 was considered a precedent in the world of technology and opening the doors wide open on portable technology.

With the proliferation of mobile devices from computers and smart phones and Tablets many forget that Motorola and its first mobile phone DynaTAC 8000X is the one who opened the way for the development of this technology in the world, where the company launched the phone officially in March 30, 1984 note that it has Bmhakat for the first call via the cellular phone on April 3 of 1973, more than a decade on the launch.

DynaTAC 8000X phone weighs 794 grams had a length of 25 cm and the independence of its battery does not exceed the time, as he was the then price exceeds $ 4,000, which corresponds to the price now is $ 9,000, which means that it was not within the reach of all social strata.

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