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jeudi 24 avril 2014

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Leaking information about the new LG G3 Mini

A few days ago we talked about the leak of the technical features of the new smart phone and expected from LG is LG G3 and you are talking about the news release on the market next summer, but the news talking about the intention of the new company as well as the release version (Mini) from her new.

It is known that the manufacturers of smart phones operating system Android accustomed launch copy (Mini) from the main telephone convergence great success Whether it Bassamsong or LG or others, and it seems that LG will apply this rule to LG G3, which is coming soon.

News came through the leak an official document of the company on the Internet and where there is a code name (B2 mini) note that the code name (B2) is intended to phone LG G3 is what means we are here to talk about the new phone may carry the name of LG G3 Mini. 

Among the features that are attributed to this new phone is being a come-screen HD without talking about the measurement of the screen, as it may come with a camera in the backend accurately 8 megapixel waiting for the official announcement of the company.

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