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mardi 6 mai 2014

New images of the new phone Apple iPhone 6

New images of the new phone Apple iPhone 6

It seems that the pictures and news and attributed to the new phone (Apple) The new (iPhone 6) is still ongoing and long ago, especially with the absence of any explanations or statements of the company, and today we find ourselves in front of new photos and leaked for this phone.

Lots of pictures spread during the past few days on the sites and forums competent especially my site (Nowhereelse.fr and Macitynet.it) and show all the pictures of what was said that Apple's new phone iPhone 6 these images that confirm rumors circulating for some time about the technical specifications of this phone the new terms of the pictures shows two models of this phone first screen measuring 4.7 inches and the second screen measuring 5.5 inches.

While waiting for official confirmation from Apple, the only way to see a new iPhone 6 is the leaks on the Internet.

lundi 5 mai 2014

Nokia Lumia 520 saves the life of a people

A lot of funny and horrific events sometimes occur because of mobile devices , whether smart phones or computers Tablets , we have seen in past periods News for combustion or explosion of some smartphones , for example, while other devices have saved the lives of some people .

New story came from Brazil, where I talked a lot of websites Brazilian story and signed yesterday , where he was a police officer on a visit to his family's house and came across this visit with the feet of an armed gang to try to steal the family home , and as the old man 24 years old was present in the house her watch and wearing police uniforms , the gang thought she was ambushed and fired in the direction of the policeman , and if the first shot did not pour the second almost be fatal for the fact that the Nokia Lumia 520 has the role of savior of certain death .

As shown in the pictures taken after the incident, the Nokia Lumia 520 has a role (protective against lead), which is not the first case of its kind where previously the type of phone that the iPhone saved the life of a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.

Detection of new images for the new phone LG G3

Still leaks related images and features a new smart phone (LG G3) from the Korean company LG continues, and today we are in front of pictures and information specific to this new phone, which is expected to see in the market very soon and at the latest during this summer. 

As our return always to the highlights page technical (@ evleaks) as a source of important and reliable for News technique, especially with regard to leaking information about the devices new, and in this context fall last leaks published by the page at the expense of the social networking site Twitter with regard to LG phone The new LG G3.

Technical page (@ evleaks) has leaked two new phone LG G3 and who will succeed LG G2 , which was launched in the past year , the picture shows the phone in two colors namely black and white as it appears clearly designed new smartphone .

On the other hand from the information that we teach about phone LG G3 's new is that it will come screen QHD measuring 5.5 inches in addition to the processor Snapdragon 800 of Qualcomm frequency of 2.3 GHz , 3 GB Xah memory live and 32 GB Xah of internal storage in addition to the possibility of adding a card microSD, also, this phone will be equipped with Pkamirtin first 13 megapixel accurately and precisely the second 2.1 megapixel addition to its Android 4.4 operating system and will support the Kit Kat techniques (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE).

lundi 28 avril 2014

Samsung launches its first phone system (Tizen) next month

A few days before now announced ( Yoon Han Agent) Deputy Executive Director for Samsung , told Reuters from the company's intention to launch Hatq clever new system (Tizen) during the current year of 2014, but it seems that today we are in front of new news that the first Samsung phones involved in this system will come next month .

News new transfer site (Tizen Indonesia) , which confirmed that the new smartphone from Samsung , which will work system (Tizen) will come within the next month and , contrary to what is expected will be presented in all regions of the world, but will be marketed exclusively in the State of Russia in the beginning before its launch in Brazil and India and later the rest of the world that make up the emerging markets in Asia whether it or the Middle East and North Africa .

According to sources, intends to offer chanting Vsamsong system (Tizen) will be the first of a class of high -cost handsets in the second would be the average cost and will be considered first experiments Korean company in the field of smart phones with this system , which is being developed with Intel .

Samsung recognizes the problem of camera in Galaxy S5

Samsung recognizes the problem of camera in Galaxy S5

Korean company Samsung has recognized the existence of a technical problem in some models of the new smart phone Galaxy S5, no technical problem at the level of a camera in this phone , where he faced a lot of users problems in this context .

Officials at Samsung confirmed the Website specialist (The Verge) that a number of phones Galaxy S5 already suffering from a technical problem at the level of camera devices , where he faces some users a problem when you use the camera and face notify the phrase (Camera Failure) and then stop the camera from work once and for all .

Assurances officials Samsung not accompanied by explanations of the reasons that caused the problem and not the number of people affected , although it is clear they are the problems of manufacturing , but in contrast, has been directing users who suffer from this problem is the need to go to the ( after-sales service for Samsung ) to solve this problem

samedi 26 avril 2014

Phone LG G3 shows for the first time

Publishing site gsmarena today the first pictures attributed to phone LG G3 expected .. picture looks closer to the truth and apply to most leaks mentioned recently as it shows the form of the device from the back with the same idea buttons background but there are some changes in the design also notes the existence of a sensor another new side of the camera with the emergence of LED flash and also notes that the phone will carry a random memory size 2 GB with 32 GB of storage capacity

@ evleaks reveal features Ascend P7

News is still coming in about the features of the new smartphone (Ascend P7) to a Chinese company, Huawei and who will succeed Ascend P6, phone, which is a class of high-cost phones, and in this context, provide us with technical page @ evleaks the latest information.

Page technical @ evleaks known Ptsrabadtha technical precision and credible return to always be the first to carry us the technical specifications for smart phones and is actually what happened with Ascend P7 new Huawei, as published in the tweet on her account in the social networking site Twitter a set of features technical phone.

According to @ evleaks the Ascend P7 will come the advantages of technology, including screen Full HD measuring 5 inches and processor of the company's industry and is Kirin 910T quad-core accurately 1.8 GHz and graphics processor Mali 450MP and 2 GB memory capacity live and 16 GB capacity internal storage, with the possibility Add card micro SD, in addition to the first two cameras 13 megapixel background accurately and precisely the second 8 megapixel, while Saokhadd phone Tshimima similar to the previous version Ascend P6

jeudi 24 avril 2014

Leaking information about the new LG G3 Mini

A few days ago we talked about the leak of the technical features of the new smart phone and expected from LG is LG G3 and you are talking about the news release on the market next summer, but the news talking about the intention of the new company as well as the release version (Mini) from her new.

It is known that the manufacturers of smart phones operating system Android accustomed launch copy (Mini) from the main telephone convergence great success Whether it Bassamsong or LG or others, and it seems that LG will apply this rule to LG G3, which is coming soon.

News came through the leak an official document of the company on the Internet and where there is a code name (B2 mini) note that the code name (B2) is intended to phone LG G3 is what means we are here to talk about the new phone may carry the name of LG G3 Mini. 

Among the features that are attributed to this new phone is being a come-screen HD without talking about the measurement of the screen, as it may come with a camera in the backend accurately 8 megapixel waiting for the official announcement of the company.

Google supports Samsung's case against Apple!

It is well known that the war on patents between the two titans of industry smartphones Korean companies Samsung and Apple's ongoing U.S. many years ago , and last chapters revolve weeks ago in court (San Jose ) in the state of California , but there seems to be a given in this new case.

The sources spoke on the role of Google in this case , where As is known, the case against currently in U.S. courts accusing Apple rival Samsung of violating five patents , including -two relate to what is a special system of Android and therefore Google , note that the latter and signed agreement with Samsung (MADA) or (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement) and under which the Korean company enjoys the privilege of integrating functions and is especially Bondroad means that Google indirectly involved in the course of the case.

According site (The Verge) specialist Google is ready to assume its part of the compensation in case the court ruled in favor of Samsung Bngriem Apple in this case.

One Plus launches her distinctive One Plus One

Wish a lot of smart phone users access to high -class smart phone and the advantages of high technology , but it remains the only obstacle to this dream is a high cost , especially in developing countries to which they belong , most Asian countries , the Middle East and North Africa and South America , but it seems that there Asttta .

Since the duration and we hear about this new device , the new phone from the company (One Plus) will carry the name (One Plus One) and the thing that sets it apart is that it is high -style phone , whether on the level of features or manufactured materials but low price Butlat times for the rest of his rivals smartphones are high -cost .

Telephone One Plus One will come the advantages of technology , including screen Full HD measuring 5.5 inches and processor Snapdragon 801 which is the same processor that works by phone Galaxy S5 in addition to 3 GB Xah memory live and between 16 and 64 GPa Xah of internal storage and processor graphics Adreno 330, and will work with a camera background accurately 13 megapixel . It features video shoot 4K and will work system CyanogenMod 11S derived from Ondorad Kit Kat , and will be available in two versions the first storage capacity of 16 GB compared to $ 299 and the second storage capacity of 64 GB price of 349 countries and is regarded as the price competitive and very low for the rest of the smart phone features the same high style .

Phone will be available initially in Europe and America and Asian States are Honkong and Taiwan before circulated to the rest of the global markets ..

The absence of encryption cause serious security flaw in the application (Viber)

A few months after the acquisition of the Japanese company Rakuten on the application of Instant Messaging ( Viper ) and which is one of the most widespread applications has spread around the world talk in the past few days about the discovery of a serious gap at the application level due to the lack of encryption.

According to the site (theregister) British specialist , the group of researchers security personnel Foundation (UNHcFREG) contend they discover a loophole serious security at the level of application ( Viper ) , especially because of the way that the application uses to send and receive the number of data users' Whether it is data of images or video or determine geographic location or GPS in the way stored in the Amazon servers .

The researchers Alomniyon discovery of this gap through various techniques of intercept traffic websites in the network where the users of the application ( Viper ) and succeeded in it , only to discover that the data of users were not encrypted and thus easy assembled and get acquainted with them , also stressed that any a person with bad intentions to do so after an attack type (Man-in-the-middle).

On the other hand , the researchers Gung informs management application ( Viper ) to take action , but the crisis did not receive any response as they announced him .

mercredi 23 avril 2014

Samsung phone tested the new Galaxy S5 Prime

Since the official announcement of the Korean company Samsung for her new smartphone Galaxy S5 appeared a number of reviews and perhaps felt by many to be a number of characteristics and features that awaited long were not present , so a lot of talk recently about the copy (premium) of the Galaxy S5 and we seem to be in front of Information new in this context .

News of new transfer site (Zauba) , a site that specializes in Indian technical information collected through record exports and imports , with the discovery of a new code name of Samsung and is (SM-G906K) which sources talked about being the same phone Galaxy S5 Prime, Site He pointed out that the phone was imported in addition to other models from Samsung for the purposes of research and development .

On the other hand , speaking site (TechRadar) specializes in turn transfer from its sources for many of the features of the new phone Galaxy S5 Prime and including QuadHD accurately screen 5.2 inches and it will quad-core processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 frequency of 2.5 GHz in addition to the graphics processor and Adreno 420 3 GB memory and 32 GB of live storage capacity of procedure as it will come with a camera 16 megapixel background accurately and will work their last version of the Android system .

lundi 24 mars 2014

Leaking information about the new Nokia Lumia 630

News is still talking about the company's intention Finnish (Nokia) in order to launch a new smart phone under the name (Lumia 630), and according to the latest news Vhatv Lumia 630 along with Lumia 930 which will be announced officially during the Developers Conference Microsoft's Microsoft BUILD conference

According to the news few available , the Nokia 's new Lumia 630 will be a class of mobile , low cost, and it will come the advantages of technology , including the screen 4.5 inches in addition to the processor Snapdragon 400 from Qualcomm, but the important point is they are accurate device camera in the phone , which indicate the news of the page technical Sofica Ltd that this phone will be equipped with a 5 megapixel camera accurately only and without flash which is a disappointment for those who would like the acquisition of this phone.

On the other hand Valhatf new smartphone from Nokia Lumia 630 will work running the new Windows Phone 8.1 , which will be announced during the conference developers Microsoft's Microsoft BUILD conference which may mean that the provision of telephone Lumia 630 and Lumia 930 may be in the same occasion

jeudi 20 mars 2014

Strange and amazing facts do not know about the "Bill Gates"

Bill Gates is the founder and technology consultant and board member of the Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services and technological solutions. He served as Chairman of the Board until February 4, 2014. On June 27, 2008, came out of the Board of Directors of the charitable interest in acting brought her a large portion of his time and his money through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So as not to prolong the head-long let you know on this months American billionaire who described the myth of Superman and this era and the genius who graciously not only a bit of time in kind
Bill Gates promised a grant of $ 100,000 to each scientist Sapetkr the next generation of condoms, which would be safer and more encouragement to use to prevent infection with HIV and non-planned pregnancies him! This challenge has succeeded where 11 out of 812 project idea!

Bill Gates plans to leave less than 10 million dollars just for each of his three children "so they can make their way on their own private"

In 2004, Bill Gates predicted that the problem of spam e-mail (Spam) may expire after two years!

Bill Gates has saved more than 5 million people through Tovirallqahat and improve health care for children internationally

As well as in 1981, Gates said it will not need one to more than 640 kilobytes of memory on his own computer. You, dear reader, can imagine where I arrived Saat RAM in this day!

Bill Gates had to say to his mentor that he would become a millionaire at the age of 30, and this was one of the few times that it would reduce, as it became
Billionaire at the age 31 years old!

Bill Gates pays more than U.S. $ 1 million per year in taxes on his home and property, which took 7 years to build and cost 63 million dollars!

As of April 2010, it was Bill Gates donated more than 36 billion dollars in his life

Been Ahtr Bill Gates and three other students of computer use by their school after they broke a local company known as Foundation Computer Center (CCC), which agreed with the school to provide students with more time allocated to the computer where they modifying files their own accounts for a period of a longer time to use the computer

Bill Gates rate record 1590 of 1600 in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
Gates has also broke the school system, and put the same lessons with the largest number of girls :)

In the year 1999, the net worth of 100 billion dollars and thus coined a new term "centibillionaire"

Bill Gates pledged $ 10 billion for 10 years for the purchase of vaccines, is expected to criticize the more than 8 million children under 5 years of early death

Bill Gates requested in the list of the richest men in the world for 17 consecutive years, 1993 2009, and restore the fore again in 2014.

In March 2005, Gates received an honorary knighthood from the Queen of England. And the granting of Gates and Sam KBE for his services in reducing poverty and improving health in developing countries in the world.

Bill Gates wrote a letter to Steve Jobs on his deathbed, and keep them latter by his bedside until he died

Bill Gates is working with a group of researchers to develop a new type of nuclear reactors so that they become safe and non-military use, it works on nuclear waste.

In 2009, Bill Gates bought the rights to the property group Feynman Lectures in Physics to be able to make it available to all free of charge

Bill Gates, the voice of "yes" on a referendum in 2012 to support smoking marijuana in the state of Washington

Mall Bill Gates to develop a device to combat malaria in third world countries this device price of $ 50 is able to kill 100 mosquitoes per second at a distance of 100 feet using infrared

Bill Gates has bought one of the books of Leonardo da Vinci's original $ 30 million and make it available to all for free

In one of his meetings in Saudi Arabia, there was a barrier separating women from men, asked one attendee Bill Gates whether he saw the possibility of the arrival of Saudi Arabia to the status of competition in the global economies in 2010 Reply Bill Gates was, "Well, if you Thmlon half the talent in the community I do not I see the possibility of arrival to the summit. "

Success in life is not measured by how much money you make. Success is how many people you touched" with your life."

mercredi 19 mars 2014

Officially phone Oppo Find 7 the possibility of capturing 50 megapixel images accurately!

The company launched the Chinese (Oppo) her new smart Oppo Find 7 after a lot of waiting, the phone is one of the phones on the grounds distinctive characteristics of the many that are available to it as well as to the high cost of the phones.

Oppo chose the Chinese capital of Beijing for the launch of her new Oppo Find 7 during a symposium prepared for this purpose, and unlike what he is doing a lot of manufacturers Fsharkp Oppo revealed all the features of her new, these features did not differ significantly from what was expected since it was leaked a lot the characteristics of the phone over the Internet in the recent period.

The new phone Oppo Find 7 comes with lots of great features including , Full HD screen measuring 5 inches in addition to the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 frequency 2.5 GHz , 3 GB memory and 32 GB of live storage capacity with the ability to add internal card microSD, while the battery will be 3000 mAh, it also supports techniques Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G / LTE.
The camera is going to be one of the strengths of this phone will come where Oppo Find 7 Pkamirtin first 13 megapixel accurately and precisely second 5 megapixel which can take videos and photos 2K technology precisely 50 megapixel which is really cool .

Oppo Find 7 will come running Color OS derived from Android 4.3 , and the price of 430 Euros and the price is very appropriate with this potential good .

Google announces its Android devices Wear wearable

In the midst of widespread devices wearable glasses and hours clever and others have become manufacturers in front of an urgent need to find a system of distinctive inoperable on these devices , which prompted Google to finally announce its new Android Wear your devices wearable .

Google announced via her blog on the Internet for its new Android Wear and allocated to the wearable devices and is derived from the system Ondorad your portable devices as they posted a promotional video for this system .

One of the main advantages of the system Ondorad Wear is integrated into the existing voice commands as well as in smart glasses Google Google Glass, where only via voice command (Ok Google) the user can identify a lot of the information you would like to know as well as many other features .

mardi 18 mars 2014

Phone Nokia X Android system achieves million order in China alone

nokia x
During the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona last month, took advantage Finnish company (Nokia) the opportunity to launch a smart phone running Android (Nokia X), and a few days ago the company announced more than a million order concerning her low cost.

According to the tweet of Nokia Corporation at the expense of the official Twitter , the company broke a record number of orders for Bhattvha new smart Nokia X amounted million order from the State of China alone , and we must acknowledge that the Chinese market is the largest in the world , which means that the company's profits through this phone low cost would be too great.

Reminder Vhatv Nokia new system Android Jelly between (Nokia X) will come with lots of features including screen IPS LCD measuring 4 inches and a dual core processor Snapdragon S4 Play MSM8225 from Qualcomm frequency 1 GHz , in addition to the 512 MB memory capacity live and 4 GB storage capacity interior with the possibility of adding a microSD card and 3.5 megapixel camera with battery capacity is estimated at 1500 mAh.

Apple launches new version of the iPhone 5C

It seems that the low percentage of sales achieved by the new Apple phone ( iPhone 5C) will push the company to Tak some steps in order to encourage customers to buy , where Apple has decided to launch a new version of the iPhone 5C but the internal storage capacity of 8 GB and only for less than the current version .

And we published a few days ago, the news that three million units of the phone iPhone 5C have not been sold yet , which is apparently what make the company move to another step , as reported many sources for the launch of the company to a new version of this phone with a storage capacity 8 GB only where will be available in the Apple Online Store and Apple Store without Order 509 against the euro as the price will vary according to telecommunications companies in each country.

This step is intended to raise the sales of iPhone 5C waiting for official confirmation from Apple.

Samsung launches her new Galaxy S3 Slim

Two years after the launch of the smart phone Samsung Galaxy S3, the company detects a new version of this phone under the name of Galaxy S3 Slim will be available, but currently only in the Brazilian market.

The new phone is a modified version of the phone Galaxy S3 and is a model of a low-cost and prompt emerging markets but is not currently available only in Brazil, and will come the advantages of technology, including screen resolution 4.5-inch, quad-core processor at a frequency of 1.2 GHz in addition to the two cameras the first 5-megapixel and the second 0.3 megapixel and 8 GB of internal storage capacity with the possibility of adding a card MicroSD, also said he would work system Android 4.2.

The new phone is less than one hand the possibilities of the phone until the Galaxy S3 Mini, but is also appropriate for low-income people in the waiting marketed in other regions of the world.

lundi 17 mars 2014

A new vision for IPhone 6 Air template appears ultimate future Apple products

iphone air concept تصوّر جديد لـ iPhone 6 Air يُظهِر القالب النهائي لمنتجات Apple المستقبلية
After a few months on the production of Apple's latest copies its mobile phones "5s" operating systems running IOS 7 back to the arena first steps hovering around new designs for the issuance of a smart phone last under the name IPhone 6 Air which appears in my opinion did not stray far from the overall structure of the series IPhone but larger, higher thickness, as well as some other services which can be expected to remain in the circle.
iPhone 6 concept image 3 تصوّر جديد لـ iPhone 6 Air يُظهِر القالب النهائي لمنتجات Apple المستقبلية

Model visualization comes out over the size of its predecessor by about 8 %, in addition to the edges thinner by 0.66 meters from Millie iPhone 5S for up to approximately 0.22 inches , add a button to keep the protection that the new fingerprint unique to Apple among all the leading companies in the world of smart devices .

Provide cameras clearly 10 Mega Pixels note that it may draw more than that given to devices other competition , and we'll see that Apple has finally got rid of the problems of the small screen that accompanied the most copied iPhone not to mention the attempts failed in my opinion, given the attempts made ​​in the screens iPhone 5 and the subsequent too, carries a relatively large screen design made ​​of crystal measuring 4.7 inches balanced dimensions and resolution of Full HD.
417448 awesome iphone 6 render with wraparound screen touch id surface as mor تصوّر جديد لـ iPhone 6 Air يُظهِر القالب النهائي لمنتجات Apple المستقبلية
Screen shows the design of an unprecedented convergence of edges which may make it the closest that came to the electronic market soon, not to mention the high density of up to 468 PPI, it certainly will not be the need to hear any news about the processor expected to offer Apple processors, powerful and latest of which was the A7 we have to receive the treatments we are nearly new with version A8 capabilities piercing withstand the maximum electronic environments.
a8 chip  600x300 تصوّر جديد لـ iPhone 6 Air يُظهِر القالب النهائي لمنتجات Apple المستقبلية
t is expected that all of these capabilities did not bear the stamp of excellence, which was coupled with versions of Apple, which has begun to refine itself to find the device itself but the screen bigger or lighter weight without regard to the rapid development that are working on other brands and all aspects of design and technology as well.
iphoneair5 تصوّر جديد لـ iPhone 6 Air يُظهِر القالب النهائي لمنتجات Apple المستقبلية
Certainly it is still in front of the Kingdom of Apple electronic time a lot of prosperity for its good reputation and high-tech craft but were not the strongest in the world market, but enough to drop Tfahtha on top of competitors whatever showed strength, as usual, the time will be the sponsor of the show us what days will bring to those The company, which opened the world of smart devices and paved the way for the market of mobile unfinished high IQ.

Wonderful application to solve your operations computational evidence and proof

The existence of a calculator in your pocket provides an excellent opportunity for you to forget all those rules of the terrible beatings and combine long, and operations with fractions, and so on (especially if you hate math hah).
But now can solve this problem with this application, which not only gives you a ready-made answer, but also with steps to the solution. This calculator can be useful for both students and lovers of mathematics

DLD Calc is an application for Android devices, which aims to solve the examples on the calculations of various sports. Almizah essential in this application that offers you the proof and complete solution for your calculation.
At first glance, DLD Calc may seem normal calculator. But with that, you can perform all the basic arithmetic operations, including the use of parentheses. For example, with fractures, after clicking on the equals sign, will open a new page, which contains all the details of the process (and this will not know its value, but students hah).

This calculator to help students and their parents to learn the processes and solutions to ensure the validity of the method used in the solution of these operations. The program is free and available for Android 2.3 and above.

dimanche 16 mars 2014

Samsung denies the existence of phone Galaxy S5 Premium

Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5

After the announcement of the new smart phone Samsung (Galaxy S5) on the sidelines of a conference MWC 2014 , many expressed dissatisfaction with some of the technical features of its own, which made a lot of rumors proliferate about a new version of the phone under the name of Galaxy S5 Premium advantages of the most important , but it seems that thought many disappointed .

Emphasize the words of the Director-General of the Korean company Samsung ( Jake Sheen ) in a dialogue with one of the Korean media , which denied the existence of any of the Premium version of the Samsung 's new Galaxy S5.

General Manager, Samsung also confirmed that the Galaxy S5 is a basic phone with Samsung through this year and that any other basic phone will not be launched before the autumn of this year and will be the model of the Galaxy Note.