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mardi 6 mai 2014

New images of the new phone Apple iPhone 6

New images of the new phone Apple iPhone 6

It seems that the pictures and news and attributed to the new phone (Apple) The new (iPhone 6) is still ongoing and long ago, especially with the absence of any explanations or statements of the company, and today we find ourselves in front of new photos and leaked for this phone.

Lots of pictures spread during the past few days on the sites and forums competent especially my site (Nowhereelse.fr and Macitynet.it) and show all the pictures of what was said that Apple's new phone iPhone 6 these images that confirm rumors circulating for some time about the technical specifications of this phone the new terms of the pictures shows two models of this phone first screen measuring 4.7 inches and the second screen measuring 5.5 inches.

While waiting for official confirmation from Apple, the only way to see a new iPhone 6 is the leaks on the Internet.

lundi 5 mai 2014

Nokia Lumia 520 saves the life of a people

A lot of funny and horrific events sometimes occur because of mobile devices , whether smart phones or computers Tablets , we have seen in past periods News for combustion or explosion of some smartphones , for example, while other devices have saved the lives of some people .

New story came from Brazil, where I talked a lot of websites Brazilian story and signed yesterday , where he was a police officer on a visit to his family's house and came across this visit with the feet of an armed gang to try to steal the family home , and as the old man 24 years old was present in the house her watch and wearing police uniforms , the gang thought she was ambushed and fired in the direction of the policeman , and if the first shot did not pour the second almost be fatal for the fact that the Nokia Lumia 520 has the role of savior of certain death .

As shown in the pictures taken after the incident, the Nokia Lumia 520 has a role (protective against lead), which is not the first case of its kind where previously the type of phone that the iPhone saved the life of a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.

Detection of new images for the new phone LG G3

Still leaks related images and features a new smart phone (LG G3) from the Korean company LG continues, and today we are in front of pictures and information specific to this new phone, which is expected to see in the market very soon and at the latest during this summer. 

As our return always to the highlights page technical (@ evleaks) as a source of important and reliable for News technique, especially with regard to leaking information about the devices new, and in this context fall last leaks published by the page at the expense of the social networking site Twitter with regard to LG phone The new LG G3.

Technical page (@ evleaks) has leaked two new phone LG G3 and who will succeed LG G2 , which was launched in the past year , the picture shows the phone in two colors namely black and white as it appears clearly designed new smartphone .

On the other hand from the information that we teach about phone LG G3 's new is that it will come screen QHD measuring 5.5 inches in addition to the processor Snapdragon 800 of Qualcomm frequency of 2.3 GHz , 3 GB Xah memory live and 32 GB Xah of internal storage in addition to the possibility of adding a card microSD, also, this phone will be equipped with Pkamirtin first 13 megapixel accurately and precisely the second 2.1 megapixel addition to its Android 4.4 operating system and will support the Kit Kat techniques (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE).