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jeudi 24 avril 2014

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The absence of encryption cause serious security flaw in the application (Viber)

A few months after the acquisition of the Japanese company Rakuten on the application of Instant Messaging ( Viper ) and which is one of the most widespread applications has spread around the world talk in the past few days about the discovery of a serious gap at the application level due to the lack of encryption.

According to the site (theregister) British specialist , the group of researchers security personnel Foundation (UNHcFREG) contend they discover a loophole serious security at the level of application ( Viper ) , especially because of the way that the application uses to send and receive the number of data users' Whether it is data of images or video or determine geographic location or GPS in the way stored in the Amazon servers .

The researchers Alomniyon discovery of this gap through various techniques of intercept traffic websites in the network where the users of the application ( Viper ) and succeeded in it , only to discover that the data of users were not encrypted and thus easy assembled and get acquainted with them , also stressed that any a person with bad intentions to do so after an attack type (Man-in-the-middle).

On the other hand , the researchers Gung informs management application ( Viper ) to take action , but the crisis did not receive any response as they announced him .

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