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lundi 5 mai 2014

Nokia Lumia 520 saves the life of a people

A lot of funny and horrific events sometimes occur because of mobile devices , whether smart phones or computers Tablets , we have seen in past periods News for combustion or explosion of some smartphones , for example, while other devices have saved the lives of some people .

New story came from Brazil, where I talked a lot of websites Brazilian story and signed yesterday , where he was a police officer on a visit to his family's house and came across this visit with the feet of an armed gang to try to steal the family home , and as the old man 24 years old was present in the house her watch and wearing police uniforms , the gang thought she was ambushed and fired in the direction of the policeman , and if the first shot did not pour the second almost be fatal for the fact that the Nokia Lumia 520 has the role of savior of certain death .

As shown in the pictures taken after the incident, the Nokia Lumia 520 has a role (protective against lead), which is not the first case of its kind where previously the type of phone that the iPhone saved the life of a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.

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