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mardi 18 mars 2014

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Apple launches new version of the iPhone 5C

It seems that the low percentage of sales achieved by the new Apple phone ( iPhone 5C) will push the company to Tak some steps in order to encourage customers to buy , where Apple has decided to launch a new version of the iPhone 5C but the internal storage capacity of 8 GB and only for less than the current version .

And we published a few days ago, the news that three million units of the phone iPhone 5C have not been sold yet , which is apparently what make the company move to another step , as reported many sources for the launch of the company to a new version of this phone with a storage capacity 8 GB only where will be available in the Apple Online Store and Apple Store without Order 509 against the euro as the price will vary according to telecommunications companies in each country.

This step is intended to raise the sales of iPhone 5C waiting for official confirmation from Apple.

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