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lundi 3 mars 2014

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Nokia Asha 502 Review

Nokia Asha 502 Review
Nokia Asha 502 Review

Nokia Asha 502 Dual SIM- Swipe Snap. Share.
lo and behold, here comes Nokia Asha 502 Dual S, Joining the next generation of Asha series with a blast. Nokia Asha 502 features an amazing layered design approach combining multi layers of Polycarbonate with a new and improved hardware. Nokia Asha 502 is now much more customizable in every sense weather being social or the looks making it much more closer to the smartphones. The new Asha 502 comes with a brilliant 5 Megapixel Camera and supports 3.5G. Snap some photos and upload on facebook with just a click. Nokia Asha 502 in your hand will make you stand out in the crowd because of its unique colorful and durable looks.

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