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jeudi 13 mars 2014

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Detect a critical gap at the level of WhatsApp on Android

Detect a critical gap at the level of WhatsApp on Android

Dutch specialist revealed in information security for critical gap at the level of application WhatsApp on Android systems enable other applications on the same system of access to the database in the application WhatsApp and get acquainted with them .

Dutch specialist ( bass Bushirt ) publish details of this gap on his own blog on the Internet , where it has demonstrated through it , and in the details of this vulnerability , it becomes easy access to talks application WhatsApp installed on any Android phone system , where the application that owns the property in the case of activated managed to retain all messages sent and received on the SD card of your phone smartphone.

This file that contains the talks WhatsApp and stored in the SD card can any user with bad intentions can get it through another application is saved and decrypted via a program called WhatsApp Xtract.

On the other hand , said the German blogger ( Renee Hess ) to decrypt the file WhatsApp messages via the WhatsApp Xtract is not possible in the newer versions of the application , as it depends on the encryption method more effective .

And a reminder of the Facebook had acquired the application WhatsApp during the past few days in a huge deal estimated at 19 billion dollars.

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