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mercredi 12 mars 2014

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Leaked photos of HTC M8 two cameras in the backend

A few days after the show Taiwanese company HTC smart phone to the new HTC M8 and exactly who will be present on March 25, was leaked document by the image and show that the new phone HTC M8 will come two cameras in the backend.

Document leaked site GSM Arena, quoting one of the telecommunications companies of Australia, a company (Telstra), which will offer a special presentation by HTC M8, publication reveals a number of features of the new phone, including the characteristic sound that appeared in the promo video first phone (BoomSound), the new property they Duo Camera with the new phone will come in the backend two cameras
The new property will enable the phone HTC M8 to become a real force in the field to take pictures for smart phones to compete with the number of phones known quality images, especially Nokia Boukasitha Refocus, property Duo Camera will allow the user HTC M8 to take pictures with high accuracy as it would allow the addition of effects technology 3D.

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