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jeudi 20 mars 2014

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Strange and amazing facts do not know about the "Bill Gates"

Bill Gates is the founder and technology consultant and board member of the Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services and technological solutions. He served as Chairman of the Board until February 4, 2014. On June 27, 2008, came out of the Board of Directors of the charitable interest in acting brought her a large portion of his time and his money through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So as not to prolong the head-long let you know on this months American billionaire who described the myth of Superman and this era and the genius who graciously not only a bit of time in kind
Bill Gates promised a grant of $ 100,000 to each scientist Sapetkr the next generation of condoms, which would be safer and more encouragement to use to prevent infection with HIV and non-planned pregnancies him! This challenge has succeeded where 11 out of 812 project idea!

Bill Gates plans to leave less than 10 million dollars just for each of his three children "so they can make their way on their own private"

In 2004, Bill Gates predicted that the problem of spam e-mail (Spam) may expire after two years!

Bill Gates has saved more than 5 million people through Tovirallqahat and improve health care for children internationally

As well as in 1981, Gates said it will not need one to more than 640 kilobytes of memory on his own computer. You, dear reader, can imagine where I arrived Saat RAM in this day!

Bill Gates had to say to his mentor that he would become a millionaire at the age of 30, and this was one of the few times that it would reduce, as it became
Billionaire at the age 31 years old!

Bill Gates pays more than U.S. $ 1 million per year in taxes on his home and property, which took 7 years to build and cost 63 million dollars!

As of April 2010, it was Bill Gates donated more than 36 billion dollars in his life

Been Ahtr Bill Gates and three other students of computer use by their school after they broke a local company known as Foundation Computer Center (CCC), which agreed with the school to provide students with more time allocated to the computer where they modifying files their own accounts for a period of a longer time to use the computer

Bill Gates rate record 1590 of 1600 in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
Gates has also broke the school system, and put the same lessons with the largest number of girls :)

In the year 1999, the net worth of 100 billion dollars and thus coined a new term "centibillionaire"

Bill Gates pledged $ 10 billion for 10 years for the purchase of vaccines, is expected to criticize the more than 8 million children under 5 years of early death

Bill Gates requested in the list of the richest men in the world for 17 consecutive years, 1993 2009, and restore the fore again in 2014.

In March 2005, Gates received an honorary knighthood from the Queen of England. And the granting of Gates and Sam KBE for his services in reducing poverty and improving health in developing countries in the world.

Bill Gates wrote a letter to Steve Jobs on his deathbed, and keep them latter by his bedside until he died

Bill Gates is working with a group of researchers to develop a new type of nuclear reactors so that they become safe and non-military use, it works on nuclear waste.

In 2009, Bill Gates bought the rights to the property group Feynman Lectures in Physics to be able to make it available to all free of charge

Bill Gates, the voice of "yes" on a referendum in 2012 to support smoking marijuana in the state of Washington

Mall Bill Gates to develop a device to combat malaria in third world countries this device price of $ 50 is able to kill 100 mosquitoes per second at a distance of 100 feet using infrared

Bill Gates has bought one of the books of Leonardo da Vinci's original $ 30 million and make it available to all for free

In one of his meetings in Saudi Arabia, there was a barrier separating women from men, asked one attendee Bill Gates whether he saw the possibility of the arrival of Saudi Arabia to the status of competition in the global economies in 2010 Reply Bill Gates was, "Well, if you Thmlon half the talent in the community I do not I see the possibility of arrival to the summit. "

Success in life is not measured by how much money you make. Success is how many people you touched" with your life."

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