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lundi 28 avril 2014

Samsung launches its first phone system (Tizen) next month

A few days before now announced ( Yoon Han Agent) Deputy Executive Director for Samsung , told Reuters from the company's intention to launch Hatq clever new system (Tizen) during the current year of 2014, but it seems that today we are in front of new news that the first Samsung phones involved in this system will come next month .

News new transfer site (Tizen Indonesia) , which confirmed that the new smartphone from Samsung , which will work system (Tizen) will come within the next month and , contrary to what is expected will be presented in all regions of the world, but will be marketed exclusively in the State of Russia in the beginning before its launch in Brazil and India and later the rest of the world that make up the emerging markets in Asia whether it or the Middle East and North Africa .

According to sources, intends to offer chanting Vsamsong system (Tizen) will be the first of a class of high -cost handsets in the second would be the average cost and will be considered first experiments Korean company in the field of smart phones with this system , which is being developed with Intel .

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